PINS - Tiphone Agreement

PT PINS Indonesia (“PINS”), a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (PT Telkom) has entered a strategic cooperation with PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia, Tbk, a company engaging in the selling of mobile phone spare parts including accessories, top-up credit vouchers, as well as repair services and the provision of content through its subsidiaries (“Tiphone”).

Tiphone accepted the offer from PINS on the strategic cooperation regarding the retail distribution of telecommunications support equipment, and as a preliminary of such strategic cooperation, PINS, Tiphone, and Tiphone’s main shareholders entered into a Conditional Shares Sale and Purchase Agreement (Perjanjian Jual Beli Saham Bersyarat) on 19 May 2014 (“PINS-Tiphone CSPA”). Through this strategic cooperation, PINS is expected to strengthen its customer premises equipment while on Tiphone’s side, it will expand and diversify its line of businesses in distribution.